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Colloidal Silver for Viral Infections

Considering the wide variety of personal accounts with general viral conditions, it is apparent that colloidal silver may be effective against some, although not all, viral infections.

Silver's method of action against a virus is not completely understood. However, some advanced researchers believe that high quality colloidal silver ( Ionic Silver ):

1. Denatures a virus's envelope, capsid and protein constintuents

2. Silver ions ( Ag+ ) have been demonstrated to be a first-order inhibitor of both rennin and protease in HIV ( Zhang Z-Y et al., Zinc inhibition of renin and the protease from human immunodeficiency virus type 1, Biochemistry 1991; 30(36): 8719 )

Virus Testimonials

Stomach "Flu" Virus and Colloidal Silver

A medical professional uses colloidal silver to quickly eliminate the effects of a stomach virus.

AIDS Treated with IV Colloidal Silver

An Australian is given laboratory grade colloidal silver via IV. User reports complete remission from any symptoms of AIDS.

Chronic Hepatitis C Sufferer Reports on Colloidal Silver Use

Chronic Hepatitis C sufferer reports greatly reduced viral loads after utilizing's 3 month experimental program.

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Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Testimonials

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