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Urinary Tract Infection

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Upper Urinary Tract Infection
Oral Use / Drinking ASAP Colloidal Silver Eliminates Condition

From: [ Name Removed ]
Date: 12/03
CS: ASAP, 22 PPM ( Parts per Million )

Condition: Urinary Tract Infection, 28 Year Old Male

I'm a 28 year old male and got a Upper Urinary Tract (bladder) Infection. Althought this is a common ailment in women it is more difficult for a man to get it and much harder for him to get rid of. I don't have health insurance or much money so I had to seek self treatment. I fought with it for 3 months by eliminating alcohol, caffiene, sugar, and non-distilled water from my diet. I also drank gallons of cranberry juice.

It turns out the cranberry juice was a bad idea so I looked into Colloidal Silver. I thought it would work as a substitute for the antibiotics that a doctor would have prescribed for me. I'm 2 weeks into CS treatment now and the infection is gone. I purchased the silver from a health food store. It is called ASAP Solution Plus. It has a 22ppm count. The bottle of 8oz cost me $30. I took 4 spoonfulls a day for the first week and 2 a day for the following week. Next week I'll cut down to one spoonful as is suggested on the label.

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