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Building the most authentic collection of Personal Experience In the World

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...building the most authentic collection of personal experience In the world...

Colloidal Silver Testimonials

Although when possible the staff of makes every effort to ensure accuracy in claims, we cannot guarantee the validity of the information presented, and therefore strongly encourage all viewers to exercise good judgment when evaluating the colloidal silver testimonials presented. Testimonials are offered to the public as an information resource by private researchers, and are not presented as medical claims nor are they offered as medical advice.

Visitors should feel free to report any negative experiences with silver products as well, providing as much detailed information as possible regarding personal experiences.

Silver colloids, ionic silver solutions, and other colloidal silver products have been determined by the FDA to be unclassified drugs, and are not approved for use as medicine. is not affiliated with any manufacturer of colloidal silver, ionic silver solutions, or colloidal silver generators, and is not involved in the sales of any products.

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Colloidal Silver Testimonials Index / Topics

- Recent Entries -

HIV / AIDS Treated with Oral Use of Colloidal Silver
Hepatitis C and Colloidal Silver
Throat and Mouth Infection Cured with Mesosilver

Colloidal Silver: Fingertip Regenerated, Warts Treated, and More

Flu and Cellulitis Infections Cured with Colloidal Silver

Nebulizing Colloidal Silver / Cayenne Pepper

Chronic Sinus Infection Cure
Individual Diagnosed with Subdural Empyema
Individual Diagnosed with Blepharitis Controls Infection with Colloidal Silver
Johnny Silverseed on Colloidal Silver
Subdural Empyema
Colloidal Silver IV for HIV / AIDS
Multiple Sclerosis Cured: Oral Silver, H2O2 Silver, IV with Natural Immunogenics' Argentyn 23
Infected Foot Treated with SilverPuppy Generated Colloidal Silver
Mouth Infection / Abscess
Ear Infection / 3 Year Old
Severe Pnuemonia-type Lung Infection: Oxygen Nebulizer & Colloidal Silver
Urinary Tract / Bladder Infection
Urinary Tract Infection, Antibiotic Resistant, Hospital Strain
Pink Eye Cured in 24 Hours with Sovereign Colloidal Silver
Leukemia and Silvergen Colloidal Silver

Recommended Book, Introduction to Colloidal Silver

Reference Book on Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Testimonails

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