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Subdural Empyema & Colloidal Silver

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Individual Diagnosed with Subdural Empyema

From: Brent Borgers
Date: 12/06/04
Original Text

Note: "Subdural empyema is a collection of pus that develops between the brain and the layers of tissue covering it (meninges), rather than in the brain itself.

"A subdural empyema may result from a sinus infection, a severe ear infection, a head injury, surgery, or a blood infection that develops after a lung infection. The same kinds of bacteria that cause brain abscesses can cause subdural empyemas.

"Like a brain abscess, a subdural empyema can cause headache, sleepiness, seizures, and other signs of brain dysfunction. The symptoms can evolve over several days, and without treatment, they progress rapidly to coma and death." -

--- --- ---

Let me first start off by stating this may be the worst disease anyone has to endure. The main reason is that diagnoses are extremely difficult and if the doctor waits until actual MRI readings show, the patient will be dead or at least develop serious mental deficiencies.

My problems with the medical establishment however are another story. When I first read about colloidal silver I considered it quackery. It wasn’t until a Curad band aid came along that I changed my mind. At the time I was frankly being left for dead. The infected catheter which was pumping vancomycin and gentomycin into my heart where pulled leaving a two inch scar with pus oozing out of it. That is when I came across a Curad band aid which said it contained silver and killed many types of bacteria. It took about 3 weeks but eventually it did as it promised. Thus I became a believer in silver.

My main enemy is a bacterium named strep pyogene. It produces a bio-film that can beat any antibiotic on this planet. When treating with antibiotics the bacteria begins to fight them off with there own toxins. The result is strep toxic shock syndrome. Antibiotics alone could not cure me. After trial and error I found colloidal silver irrigated into my sinuses and held there for 8 minutes produced the best results for me. I did this at least three times a day. This was not fun to say the least but one does what one has too. While the colloidal silver helped in the end it did not cure me. This I feel is important. Just because colloidal silver is not working does not mean it does not work. I believe it would work if I could get the concentration high enough through IV. I am now combining clindimycin with the silver and the toxic shock is not occurring and my health continues to improve at a dramatic pace.

In this day and age of antibiotic resistant I am firmly convinced that silver will play a huge role in the elimination of disease. First we must come to grips with the fact that most diseases, MS, alzheimers, crohns, ALS, etc, have at the root of it a pathogen whether it be a bacteria, virus, mycoplasm, whatever. Second we must realize pathogens do not like to be in the presence of silver (especially ionic). These are paradigm shifts in thinking that many will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into even though the facts are what they are. The end of most diseases is I truly believe within reach! How long it takes depends on the openness of the human mind.

Note: to learn more about the cause of disease I suggest, to learn about the future of sliver I recommend (of course).

Brent Borgers

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