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Cancer: Leukemia & Colloidal Silver

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Individual Diagnosed with Leukemia: Six Months to Live
Silvergen Colloidal Silver Used Orally

From: Reverand Robert C. Harvey
Date: 11/05/04
Original Text

I'm glad to give this testimonial to the efficacious power of Colloidal Silver, but for the moment will refrain from mentioning names, since the person involved has not been consulted on "coming out of closet." (Perhaps he will choose to remain there since his doctor does not know either of colloidal silver or of its use in this case.)

My friend's wife told me more than a year that ago his doctor gave him six months to live. He was suffering from a rare form of leukemia and for months had been having weekly blood transfusions. I had about that time had a report from Trem Williams of SilverGen how three of his neighbors (one an elderly whippet) had been restored from were near-death cancers and returned to what doctors call a state of remission - all from being given each day as much colloidal silver as they could drink.

My friend started in, consuming what I never counted, but appeared to be a quart or more each day. His transfusions immediately went from one a week to what averaged something like one a month. How long this went on I have no record of, except that his colloidal silver intake increased to perhaps two quarts a day. So did his weight; from looking skinny and frail and listless, he gained weight and looked like he had earlier when he played a daily game of tennis.

The payoff is that when he came by a few weeks ago, and I asked him how long it had been since his last transfusion, he said, "Oh, in February," and here it was September. During the last few months I had had fewer requests for colloidal silver from him, but always kept a case of colloidal silver in quart bottles "ate the ready" in addition to providing pint bottles for friends and for members of my congregation, among whom an awareness of colloidal silver has gradually made its way around. I make no charge for the colloidal silver I generate (using gear bought from Silver Gen), nor do I accept for sending it anywhere, whether in this country or overseas.

My knowledge of colloidal silver came from a son who has spent half his life in Africa and Asia, working as a Peace Corps Volunteer and at occasional stints for the UN while his wive has served the UN as a public health director, supervising medical clinics and food and healthcare for refugees in Sudan, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh and East Asia. Reid's "thing" has been teaching illiterate people how to make filters from native clays and organic materials, providing by themselves for the necessary kilns as well as filters.

His use of colloidal silver began when African scientists insisted it be added. He first resisted because it made his pupils dependent on those outside. But the scientists won out and Reid's pupils continued to keep their families and especially their babies free from the dysentery that goes with drinking unfiltered river water. The colloidal silver added little to the cost, and my son Reid was able to add the community generation of colloidal silver to his pupils' repertoire and with very little added cost.

I was told (whether by God, conscience or an active imagination) at 5 a.m. on the morning of Nine Eleven Ought One, that colloidal silver could provide a "grass roots" means of defense against bacteriological warfare. By the time the Towers were hit I had already sent my family a confidential memo saying that this would be my voluntary military duty should we go to war. Which we had by the time we received it.

As things are now, I still exercize my ministry at age of eighty eight. There is no charge to those I serve, wheteher in Church or State, for after serving through the entire Pacific War at Pearl Harbor and all that followed, I resigned my commission as a Commander USNR at the time of my ordination to the ministry.

I have never yet got on the Silver Circuit, for like most oldies I'm a dunce when it comes to computers. What I know about colloidal silver comes from my son or from people like Trem Williams.

My chaplaincy in this war consists in providing colloidal silver at no cost. Like my other active duty, it can be a terrible bore while you're at it, but it can save lives and at no cost to what Wendell Wilkie used to call "My fellow Amurricans..."

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