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Emphysema & Bronchitis: Colloidal Silver Nebulized & Cayenne Pepper

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Success with Colloidal Silver & Cayenne

From: Margaret Hoal
Date: 04/13/07
Contact: N/A

I wrote a testamonial to this site, last year in about July/August,(2006) after I had been on an ordinary electric nebuliser with CS (such as one puts in Ventolin etc) having had real success. But what I am reporting, are the results of the CS I put into my nebuliser.

Up to March 2006 I had 1) some emphysema 2) such frequent bronchitis and of course antibiotics, 3) the bug called Pseudomonas very persistent, with horrible sputum and 4) several attacks of pneumonia ( all, eversince I had had the heart attack in May 2002)( and I'm now 77yrs). I was coughing all day and all night. I was far more of an invalid that I should have been. Enter CS; Knew it by name and vague reputation..and spoke with an alternative health supplier who suggested I look at the Silver Medicine site, and he would produce the CS and post it if I wanted it.

Somewhere in this website I found comments that nebulising CS directly to the lungs, could be useful and helpful. My supplier told me to nebulise whilst doing yogic breathing as far as able. He assured me that his CS was good and should be safe. I started with about 4-5 mls in the bowl of the nebuliser, repeating it every 2 hrs whilst awake. It was'nt long before I started getting up lots of sputum. I continued this 2 hrly regime over about 3-4 days and was noticing definite improvement. I cut back the nebulising a little at a time ie 3 hrly, then 4 hrly and so on until I got down to am and pm. At the same time, following my suppliers advice, I took 20ml CS a day with 4 drops of tinct Chilli also supplied. The chilli 'drives' the CS thru the circulation and opens capillaries etc. After about 2 &1/2 months I was finding the cost a heavy burden, so then decided to get my own generator etc, so I researched suppliers thereof in Australia, and found what looked (and IS) a good little generator, together with the silver elements, a TDS meter and a laser pen, plus the info..and away I went. I now supply my family and several friends..all of whom have expressed surprise (after the fact) that they had'nt had a cold that winter! As for me..I had told my Dr, as I'm under pretty close watch with the damaged heart, and he did not protest. My final victory was that the last sputum spec. was totally negative of the dreaded pseudomonas and other profuse bacteria.

Now, a whole year later I can report, with hand on my heart, that I have had a beautifully clear chest all year, not a single chest or other infection, and not even a cold. My chronically mild sinusitis has gone, and furthermore..I've even got rid of a couple of warts!! I now nebulise at night only as a sort of 'insurance', and if I miss a night here and there, nothing happens.

So I can truly vouch for the real value of CS, and can now even make my own Tinct. of Cayenne. I can recommend this regime!

Margaret Hoal


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