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Severe Pnuemonia-type Lung Infection: Oxygen Nebulizer & Colloidal Silver

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Lung Infection Cured with Colloidal Silver & Oxygen Nebulzer

Note: This testimonial is reported by the trustee of the website. This experiment was conducted lawfully by a co-researcher conducting personal scientific research. The information provided below documents a test experiment that requires a good deal of knowledge, experience, and quick access to qualified medical personnel.

Lung Infection: No Immune System Response

From: Jason R. Eaton
Date: 02/01/01


Monday morning, I had a shocking thing happen. While sitting in the middle of an algebra lecture ( yes, at 30 years old I'm actually back in school ) I experienced a severe pain behind my lower ribcage. For the next several hours the pain increased, and as the pain increased, my capacity for breathing diminished. In the middle of my database class later that evening, I had to get up and leave. I could not actually make it out to the parked car walking ( where my partner was waiting, I
had phoned her ). I crawled the rest of the way to the car.

My partner began to insist that she take me to the hospital ( after all we've been through, you'd think... ). I literally could not breath. Between half breaths I told her that it seemed my lower lobes were filling up with either fluid or mucus, and that if I was admitted to the hospital, they would most likely insert chest tubes and quite possibly put me on a vent. I told her not only would I be at increased risk for everything else in that hospital, but that the treatment would cause at least three further problems to deal with. I told her absolutely not. I told her dying this way wasn't the worst way to go.

Upon arriving home, I discovered to my shock that I was not running a temperature. THAT scared me. However, I was recovering from my initial subconscious reaction of fear, and began to design my own treatment protocol. I ingested six ounces of colloidal silver. However, I was not near confident that this would be effective, due to the fact that I believe the CS must be able to reach the site of the infection.

I ingested two home-made herbal blends with zero effect. I ingested 1000 mg of vitamin C and began taking doses of zinc.

My breathing capacity was at a level I'd never experienced before. My lung span was reduced by more than 3/4. I had no coughing reaction whatsoever, no reduction in appetite and no temperature.

My oxygen bottle, which I use for my CS nebulizer, was empty. I waited until Tuesday afternoon whereby I gathered enough strength to drive to the local welding supply store. Through fear, I almost started clay pack treatments, but I'd been looking forward to trying out the nebulizer on an actual illness.

Lifting the empty oxygen bottle was like trying to lift about 50 pounds. I had to stop several times to catch my breath in and out of the shop. If I stayed perfectly still for long enough, I could
catch my breath and feel relatively good. Any movement weakened my body incredibly. I could speak maybe one sentance at a time before having to stop and just breath. Walking and talking was out of the question.

Tuesday night, I used the nebulizer for the first time, and incorrectly ( I figured this out the next day ). It is quite different using this nebulizer on healthy lungs compared to hurting lungs.

Nothing I had done even touched my condition. My temperature remained normal. At this point, I was convinced that I had either a very severe case of bronchitis or bronchial pnemonia. I know QUITE a few tricks on triggering the body into action, including herbal baths, steam baths, ect. Nothing was making any difference to my core condition.

Wednesday early afternoon, I figured out that I must get the atomized particles to the lung tissues that were in trouble. This, I assure you, was quite painful. I used the nebulizer, breath after breath, for about three minutes.

The effect was almost instantaneous and very dramatic. At the time, I wasn't quite what you'd call "coherent" so my sense of time might have been a bit off. At any rate, within moments, the mucus in my lungs began to break up. I won't describe the coughing fits that followed. They lasted for about eight minutes ( a guess ).

When I was done, I was left shaking, drenched with sweat, purple faced, and burning up.

I didn't have the strength to do another treatment that night. The following morning ( was that this morning? wow ), upon "waking up" ( a very slow process in my current condition ) I repeated the treatment. This time, I "nebulized" for about three minutes. About six minutes later, I began once again with the "collodial silver induced" coughing, although this time, it was not severe.

I have regained my lung capacity and about half of my strength. I've continued the treatment all today, every 1 to 2 hours. Each time, the reaction is the same. The infection is "pulled", I gain more breath span, and feel better after a few moments of recovery. I feel that I could "rush" the treatment today, increasing the dosage level, but at this point I feel good enough to take it slow to observe the process.

I fully expect to be out and about in the world tomorrow, and am hoping for a complete recovery by Monday.

I have never in my life experienced such an illness. It's been ten years since I've actually seen a doctor. I have a fairly high resistance to illness, but lately have let my immune system fall a bit by being too busy. I'm a desert rat as well, and the weather here has been unusually cold.

I understand ( and would like to now echo ) Brooks' caution about this treatment being experimental. I can see how that first true treatment can send someone into cardiac arrest or cause complete lung failure. It took a very strong mental discipline during that first treatment to maintain control of my bladder, stomach, coughing, and attempted breathing. It felt like death visiting, brushing my face.

The colloidal silver solution I used was way too strong - but it was/is the only stuff I had made. I estimate it was 50 ppm, made by current controlled CS generator "over-burned". In fact, as soon as my new website goes online, I actually have two tyndal effect pictures ( even a video ) of that same solution ( used to compare the tyndal effect difference between an estimated 5ppm solution and a "heavy" 50ppm solution ). Normally, in my right mind, I would only use the STRICTEST quality controlled 3-5ppm batch for use in the nebulizer, to avoid even the slightest risk of depositing larger silver particles in the lungs.

I'd hereby like to extend, once again, the greatest thanks to Brooks for providing the initial plans for a home-made nebulizer!


I also tell this story in the hopes that if someone whom is of the mind to take personal responsibility in their experiments, having read the numerous claims on the list that "normal" colloidal silver doesn't work, realizes that I used a very poorly brewed "batch" of colloidal silver, because it's all I had on hand. In fact, I filmed the process of making that EXACT batch from beginning to end, and I "overburned" it by about thirty minutes just to demonstrate the whole process on video. I let this 9 volt battery brew settle out for a few days ( not for any particular reason ), and later combined it with a current limited batch I had made with a Coyote low voltage generator, because I was too lazy to get a fresh container. I don't usually do this, but I was doing quite a bit of photography and film work, and I'd just finished it up. I was planning on using that CS as a base for a healing clay batch, and I didn't have a batch saved of "properly" made CS, I had added all THAT to essential oil spritzers.

Granted, you would want the best colloidal silver possible, IF possible. I used a colloidal silver made from an example batch of how "not" to make colloidal silver. This stuff would have made the CS perfectionist's eyes widen, with the bajeegas crawling down the spine! ( It wasn't THAT bad, standard over-yellow rather than "gold-hue", that actually wasn't potent enough to keep the yellow color when added with a low PPM 32 ounce solution ).

I also say this in partial justification why I get so irritated with comments such as "yellow colloidal silver is worthless". To some, they might just be words cast off without thought, just a part of a high-sounding sentance with just the right punch to get that editorial flare and oh so " shining just right" lead in.

Well I for one can say, I'm sitting right where I am, and without one shed of regret!

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