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Johnny Silverseed: Colloidal Silver

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Johnny Silverseed on Basic Colloidal Silver

From: "Johnny Silverseed"

Having learned of colloidal silver in 1998, I subsequently invented the phone-line powered colloidal silver generator and performed exhaustive research at two Arizona universities. This culminated in the publication of a book including D-I-Y designs and the re-introduction of 1920s Pharma research use of vitamin C as an electrolyte for c/s production; a good tool for novices to ensure proper size medical grade colloidal silver.

Dr. Jerald Judd of Phoenix -my college chemistry professor- was the first person to claim my c/s research had saved his life. This spurred my commitment. One day I drank a gallon of golden colloidal silver of perhaps 20 ppm, just to see if there would be any untoward side effects-none appeared. I still ingest it in quantities greater than most people.

Having personally created two presently existing websites on the subject, I've heard hundreds of testimonials... from individuals I've personally introduced to c/s and anecdotes from many others who were already aware ...perhaps encompassing every ailment known to mankind.

Personal suffering from my entreprenurial involvement seems to coincide with what other prominent c/s activists have spoken of...Pharma "spooks" know not what they do. As an acceptable example; one "bibliographed" colloidal chemistry text was ultimately removed from the reference section at the UofA Science Library-and subsequently purged from computers!

I refer to Mark Metcalf as the Grandaddy of colloidal silver marketing. I gave him my phone-line colloidal silver... generator invention in a round-about gratitude for his work; knowing full well he would capitalize on it in a way I could not, because I wanted the concept available to all. The original design ...demo-generator is still available to all at no cost. Grass-roots activism lives!

All who visit this site are blessed to have found it and to be driven enough as researchers to have done so. May the research continue in the vein that it has and prosper the industry -nay- the a whole.

Thank you all for your work...

...and remember the (paraphrased) lyrics,
-from the 1970s rock group- Argent:

...And when you say that you can change the world,
that you can bring it 'round, you can do it.

And when "they" say that they will take you out,
don't let them get you down, you can make it.

...Yeah! Hold your head up,
...Yeah! Hold your head up,
...Yeah! Hold your head up,
...Yeah! Hold you head high!

TJ Wiggins a.k.a.
Johnny Silverseed
Founder: Silver Shield (Ariz)

"You need this, whether you know it or not."

"The internal ingestion of properly prepared colloidal silver is a personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility."

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