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Bacterial Infection: Infected Foot Treated with SilverPuppy Colloidal Silver

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Infected Foot Treated with Colloidal Silver Reportedly Results in the Prevention of an Amputation

From: Pedro

I have been using the Silverpuppy generator to make c/s. For three years I have enjoyed excellent health. I have a friend that had an infection in his foot, he was treated with the latest and greatest that his doctors had. I had told him about c/s and he refused to use it, until one day, when they told him that the infection had spread and that they had to cut off his foot and part of his leg. I gave him a gallon of c/s and in one month he was walking around without the use of his cane. The infection had cleared.

I do not know the how's or why's of how c/s works, all that I know is that it WORKS.

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