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Blepharitis & Colloidal Silver

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Individual Diagnosed with Blepharitis Controls Infection

From: Robert
Date: 05/17/04
Contact: robertkn @


I am now 60 years old and I have had chronic blepharitis since I was a child. The symptoms are yellow colored greasy matted crusts around the eyelid and in the eyelashes associated with excessively red- rimmed eyes and almost constant mild conjunctivitis (irritation of the inner surfaces of the eyelids).

My basic control of blepharitis has consisted of removing the debris, which is inclined to become colonised by bacteria. This I have been doing for years using either soapy water or more recently
a cotton bud dipped in methanol (alcohol) followed by rinsing with water.

For the past few months I have been spraying my eyes twice a day with colloidal silver (about 20ppm) made at home roughly following your instructions. I spray my closed eyes and allow the colloidal silver solution to evaporate naturally.

This regime of removing the debris and using colloidal silver has very nearly cured my blepharitis - it is now almost impossible to detect. My eyes are almost normal healthy eyes and I have almost no conjunctivitis.

I intend to try and eliminate the blepharitis altogether, rather than merely control it, by spraying my eyes on an hourly basis. I will keep you informed about the outcome.


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