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Successful treatment of bacterial infections with colloidal silver is dependant upon many factors. The silver must reach the infection site and come in contact with the bacteria.

Further factors to consider:

1. The silver must reach the infection site in a bioactive form.

2. Dilution must be considered: Variables dependent primarily on the immune system response and aggressiveness of the infection, as well as bacterial population density, may render diluted silver products innefective; in other words, enough of the colloidal silver must reach the infection to make a impact.

3. A supply of colloidal silver must consistently be delivered to the area in order to continue to reduce bacterial counts.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that silver ions act directly on bacterial cell walls, preventing proliferation ( reproduction ), by attaching to special cell receptors that are only found on single-celled organisms. Mammalian cells are not effected in the same manner.

Current Testimonials

Wounds, Foot Fungus, Colloidal Silver & More

A colloidal silver homebrewing engineer shares how he and his family have used colloidal silver for years treating colds, foot fungus, pink eye, bleeding gums and more.

Flu and Cellulitis Infections Cured with Colloidal Silver

Gary tells his story how his cellulitis may be cured with colloidal silver use, and relays the experience of him and his girlfriend who nebulized colloidal silver to cure the flu.

Subdural Empyema Treated with Colloidal Silver

"Left for dead", Brent tells how he used colloidal silver to successfully treat Subdural Empyema.

Infected Foot Treated with Colloidal Silver

Pedro reports that an infected foot treated with colloidal silver results in the prevention of an amputation.

Mouth Infection / Abscess

Researcher report on using healing clay, H2O2, and Silverpuppy generated colloidal Silver with an abscessed tooth.

Ear Infection / 3 Year Old

Local application of Silvergen SG7 colloidal silver cures an antibiotic resistant ear infection.

Urinary Tract / Bladder Infection

Oral use of ASAP Colloidal Silver eliminates symptoms of infection.

Urinary Tract Infection, Antibiotic Resistant, Hospital Strain

Pseudomonas and Proteus Urinary Infection Treated with Colloidal Silver.

Pink Eye Cured in 24 Hours with Sovereign Colloidal Silver

A few drops in each eye twice in a day eliminated pink eye.

Individual Diagnosed with Subdural Empyema

The use of colloidal silver helps individual to control the life threatening bacterial infection known as subdural empyema.

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Colloidal Silver Testimonials

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