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Bacteria Infection: Mouth Infection / Abscess - Colloidal Silver

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Editors Notes

Note: This testimonial is reported by the trustee of the website. This experiment was conducted lawfully by a co-researcher conducting personal scientific research. The information provided below documents a test experiment that requires a good deal of knowledge, experience, and quick access to qualified medical personnel.

Mouth Infection / Abscess Treated with Healing Clay & SilverPuppy Generated Colloidal Silver

From: Jason R. Eaton
Date: 12/18/01

Some people talk about a "cloud" that appears when adding H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide ) to colloidal silver. I have always shrugged it off, not paying too much attention - never would I see any such cloud when I added H2O2 to my silver. I would notice a very slight increase in the tyndall effect. It always remained crystal clear from the start, there was never any fallout, and all in all, the CS would remain stable long after the H2O2 fully decomposed. Then, last week, I used a glass container that had a small amount of silver plated on the bottom. I was in a rush, and didn't scrub down the glass before use. I was making a batch to be used specifically WITH hydrogen peroxide.

When I added the H2O2... What do you know? There was that cloud. The CS became very turbid, with the solid tyndall effect that has often been described.

It wasn't until I carefully examined the glass and noticed a small amount of silver plated on the bottom, that I realized what was going on. For many applications, I am very, very careful to make a highly ionic "brew". When doing so, I KNOW that I am also creating silver particles on the smaller end of the "size scale". I do so by carefully cleaning everything I use, and never touching or removing the silver rods, and not "over running" my batches. Therefore, when using H2O2 in the past, the reaction with the silver particles is not as prevalant. I get a clean product that I have never had a problem with.

This particular incident, however, involves a test experiment requiring rapid action, reported by a co-researcher with a mouth infection - one that really required surgery. This incident was initially addressed several months previously, and colloidal silver was not used. The co-researcher chose to study the effect of healing clay packed in the mouth. Silver was not used because the silver must reach the site of the infection, and the individual was not certain that it would do so with this abscess infection ( wisdom tooth ). Healing clay has no such restrictions, it does not need to come into contact with the infection. The experiment was successful with a few days of applications.

A few months down the road, the condition resurfaced. Now, however, the the infection had spread to the ear and possibly even the sinuses, complete with swollen lymph nodes. Healing clay's ability to eliminate infections that are within the body does have limits. Too much time had passed without addressing recurring symptoms.

The individual elected to experiment first with healing clay in the mouth, with little tolerance. The individual elected to continue to endure the pain, until the clay pulled enough of the infection out to induce drainage ( the area began to slightly bleed ).

Having accomplished this, it became evident to the individual that it would not be easy to get enough clay in the mouth, nor was it being tolerated well enough to continue to keep it in the mouth for any real length of time.

The individual then elected to experiment with the H2O2 silver formulation at a relatively heavy strength: 2 drops of 35% H2O2 to eight ounces of colloidal silver made with the SilverPuppy generator.

It is unknown how exactly the colloidal silver reached the entire infection. There is no doubt, however, that it did, and within seconds. The individual elected to lay on the side, and hold this solution in the mouth for as long as possible. The first time, the individual reports that the tolerance was limited to about 1.5 minutes. The colloidal silver was then swallowed ( if one holds this formulation in your mouth for a long period of time, it is likely that one won't experience the "H2O2" effect in the stomach ).

The individual described a severe burning sensation from the ear straight down to the infected gums. This sensation ( which alarmed the individual, but was not unexpected ) lasted for about 20 minutes, then subsided. As it subsided, so did all the raw pain from the infection.

The individual reported that this process was repeated three times in a row, over a duration of about two hours. The burning sensation never occured after the first time.

48 hours later, with CS/H2O2 used orally and in the ears, the infection appeared to be completely eliminated with no inflammed tissues, and the swelling of the lymph nodes was gone.

Of course, this was not a permanent solution to the root problem of the wisdom tooth. However, the individual now knows that careful monitoring of the area and quick action, until the extraction surgery can be
done, will prevent a potentially life-threatening condition!

I do not know if the CS would have worked as well if the individual did not first elect to drain the abcess with the use of healing clay. Keep in mind that mouth infections CAN travel straight to the heart. Action must be swift and "sweepingly" successful - it's certainly not something to play around with!

Through this and subsequent experimentation and reports, I learned ( and have hence experimented a bit ) that a high particle silver product produces a very strong reaction with the H2O2. I devised a method with the SilverPuppy generator to produce a higher particulate silver, and then utilize H2O2 for situations similiar; however, caution should always be applied when working with concentrated H2O2.

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